What Pum ate…Week 6

I’m throwing it right back in another ‘What Pum ate…’ post to week 6.  I had not long returned from a holiday in Dubai and needed to get back on track.  At this point I’d lost 9lbs (should have been 11 or 12 by this point but Dubai did add a little weight back).

This was also the first week at my new job (which I loved straight away) – this I saw as an opportunity to get into a solid healthy eating routine during the week.

Week Day Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack
6 36 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries, banana lentil soup, 1 apple grapes chicken and stir fry veg 1 lindt chocolate
6 37 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries 1 banana mushroom soup, 1 apple, 2 small chocolates salmon, spinach, 2 eggs
6 38 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries, banana lentil soup grapefruit chicken and stir fry veg
6 39 chia seeds, oats, coconut milk, strawberries, banana lentil soup 2 small chocolates salmon, tomatoes, 1 egg
6 40 granola, coconut milk, chia seeds, banana lentil soup half scone lemon curd, 1 chocolate meatloaf, mash, fried potato, carrot, 1 profiterole
6 41 granola, greek yoghurt, maple syrup  1 slice whole-wheat toast 1 boiled egg, grapefruit sweet potato curry, flatbread square dark chocolate
6 42 granola, coconut milk savoury oats (water, parmesan, 1 fried egg, 1 slice ham) square dark chocolate mexican quinoa

oat muffin

By the end of this week I’d lost a further 3lbs.  Which seems quite a lot for a generally alright week, possibly I was still losing a bit of water weight from Dubai.

I was really getting into the oats/chia seed pudding combination and loving it that week.  I now go through phases of eating this quite a lot then having a break from it.  You’ll notice I had barely any morning snacks so these breakfasts definitely kept me full.

Overnight Oats Mix

I also at this point thought I was being really good by having granola for breakfast.  Then my sister told me how much sugar is normally in 1 portion and when I checked the packet I was genuinely shocked.  Yes it tastes great but for that amount of sugar I’d rather have a little cake in the afternoon than a sugar-loaded breakfast!


Reflecting on this week I also had quite a lot of chocolate.  Much more than I’d have during the week now.  I didn’t actually try to break my sugar addiction on purpose, it just has been an added benefit of eating healthier.  I used to have to have something sweet every day and don’t get me wrong I’m still very much a dessert person but I don’t really want to be eating sweet things every day.  Fruit will do me now as my daily sweet snack.  I also feel I really enjoy the treats I do have because I’m not having them every day.

An odd dish on here you might be thinking ‘what the bleep is that?!’ to is my savoury porridge.  I’ve seen various recipes for this pop up now and again which require quite a lot of prep but I keep mine very simple.  Porridge oats made with water flavoured by a small amount of parmesan or marmite (love the stuff) and topped with an egg.  It’s what I turn to when I’m really hungry but trying to be really good.  This is a pretty low calorie dish if you watch the portion size.

Overall I’d say this was a good week for healthy lunches and dinners but a bit too much sugar.  Nevertheless a win on the weightloss front!

Pum x


5 thoughts on “What Pum ate…Week 6

  1. Catriona

    Loving all the posts Pum! You can make ur own granola very easily, just melt some coconut oil with honey or maple syrup and some nut butter of your choice,then pour it over the oats. You can add seeds and or nuts,then just pop in the oven at 180!just make sure to keep an eye on it/stir it every 5mins because it can catch quite easily!!its really good!keep the posts coming!xxx


    1. pumdiets Post author

      Amazing cat brilliant idea. I have tried my own version once and it ended up quite burnt 😦 will definitely need to try again! And with nut butter – can’t wait!!!!xxx


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