Pum’s tips…Staple Dinners

I think it’s important to change up your meals every day.  So that you are getting a variety of different ingredients in your diet every week (and hopefully a variety of great nutrients) but also so you don’t get bored.

However I think it’s unrealistic for a working girl (no jokes please) to be able to produce a masterchef level dinner every night.  So how do you get different easy to cook dinners every night without pouring over the recipe books?…

By sticking with a few staple dinners and switching the ingredients and cooking methods.  My staple dinners are fish, chicken and steak with veg.  Yes that’s it.  Ground-breaking?  No.  But by tweaking up the dishes every time you make them I guarantee you won’t be bored.

Once you know how to cook meat or fish and a few simple veggie combinations for roasting, stir frying or salads you can really make up an unlimited number of healthy meals that are really quick to prepare!

Here’s a selection of my usual weekly dinners.


I mainly use salmon because it’s so easy to cook and I love the taste.  When cooking salmon I’ll put it in tinfoil, slice some lemon or add some spices and bake for approx. 20 mins…dead easy.  I also occasionally cook tuna (I would pan fry this because I like it quite pink) or herring (again in the pan to crisp up).

My favourite sides with fish are tomatoes, cottage cheese, sweet potato, spinach, mixed salad and stir fry veg.

Salmon with Sweet Potato Spinach MashHerring with Sweet Potato Spinach MashSalmonSalmon


What meat-eater doesn’t love chicken?!  You can do so much with it!

I tend to either cut into chunks and pan fry in coconut oil, poach in water (makes it so moist but a takes a little longer) or bake in foil (be very careful not still pink when serving).

I love to serve chicken with fresh salad or roast veggies.  Chicken also goes with well fruit (yes) like pineapple or strawberries…try it!

Strawberry Balsamic Chicken SaladChicken Stir FryChicken with Roasted VegTomato Basil Chicken


Sometimes I just crave a steak.  If I’m going out for dinner to a nice restaurant this is usually my order of choice because I think what is better in life than a perfectly cooked steak?

My method for cooking is to pan fry on a high heat using a little groundnut oil for 3 and a half minutes turning every 30 seconds.  Then I rest for a further 5ish minutes on a wire rack.  This makes a rare steak that is seared just nicely…mmm.

Again I feel a steak goes with most things.  If calories didn’t exist I would eat it with chips and bearnaise sauce but sadly no that is not allowed on a weeknight for me.  So I tend to serve with with spinach or green beans.

SteakSteakSteakRoast Beef

Veggie only

I do actually eat veggie only dinners quite a lot during the week.  This is mostly due to forgetting to take the meat or fish out of the freezer…but nevertheless I do enjoy them.

I make a lot of mixed salads but the key with this I find is to never make a green only salad.  By adding some colour it makes it more exciting!  I tend to add strawberry, beetroot, tomato, yellow peppers or oranges.

Chucking veggies in the oven to roast is also incredibly easy and can liven up a lot of dishes.  A new combination I’m loving right now is red onion, carrot, beetroot, red pepper and tomato.

Strawberry SaladVegHummus Beetroot SaladMango salsa

I hope some of this has been of some inspiration to you.  Feel free to share your healthy staple dinners with me!

Pum x


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