Pum recommends…2015 Favourite Purchases…so far

I’ve been having a think about some of my favourite purchases this year that have helped me get a bit healthier and thought I would share…

1. Nike lunarglide trainers

I bought these on sale at the start of January.  I didn’t have a good pair of trainers and determined to start running I thought I would make an investment.  The key for me is having nice looking trainers that you feel good wearing.  I know comfort, fit and support are HUGELY important, but if they’re ugly I’m not going to want to wear them!  The lunarglides were mentioned on a running blog I had stumbled upon as suitable for beginners so I thought I’d give them a try and I’ve been really impressed.  Definitely do your research, speak to sales assistants and go into running stores if you’re considering spending money on a pair of trainers for running…then once you’ve decided on a pair you can always then go online to scout out the best deal!


2. 660ml water bottle

I drink shedloads of water.  My colleagues at work must think I have issues going to the bathroom so much (TMI sorry) but you know what, I don’t care.  Since getting a 660ml water bottle and making sure I’m filling it right up 2-3 times per day I don’t get headaches in work, my skin is clearer and I genuinely do feel more alert.  Ok after a sleepless night water alone isn’t going to completely perk you up but in comparison to the days previously where I’d get to lunchtime and all I’d had to drink was 2 cups of milky coffee I do feel more energised.  My tip is to also pick nice one that can go from your desk to the gym (if you work in an office of course), I picked a pretty pink bottle I wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry about.


3. Blender


4. Kitchen scales and measuring cups

The blender is just a recent purchase but I have used it so much already.  Mostly for smoothies but also in a number of other recipes e.g. see the brazil nut pesto!


The kitchen scales and measuring cups have been revolutionary!  I could probably have guessed that portion sizes previously in my kitchen were on the generous side but I had no idea just how much over the recommended portions I was actually giving myself.  When I thought I was having approx. 200 calories in my morning bowl of cereal in reality I was literally having 3-4 times that (600-800 calories!).  One thing I would say when you’re starting out measuring if you’re using it as a guide to follow the nutritional information on the packet, take care to read what you’re actually measuring.  I had a very depressing moment when I realised I couldn’t actually eat quite as much couscous as I thought I could because I was taking the measurement ‘dry’ rather than cooked…my bad.


5. Soup pot, tupperwear and lunch bag

This kind of goes without saying but if you’re going to be making your own fresh lunches it helps to have appropriate containers to transport them.  I bought a couple of soup cups and tupperwear boxes which have a little pop-up part at the top so you can microwave them without splattering…very useful.  Also the lunch bag was a gift from my mum from Bloomingdales in Dubai and it’s really helpful to have a separate bag for your lunch that’s nice to carry around.


6. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

Ok…so these haven’t quite helped me become healthier.  But they are one of my favourite purchases of 2015.  On a sunny day having nice sunglasses to wear might help you get outside and strut your stuff…thus burning calories (see my rationale).

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

If you’ve bought anything great this year that’s been helpful in keeping things healthy please let me know, I’m always on the lookout for a new purchase!

Pum x


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