My big sister Louise (aka Keeks) is such a healthy inspiration for me.  She transitioned from an overweight child to a super fit adult by making healthy choices part of her lifestyle not a chore.  Moving to New Zealand nearly 4 years ago(!) has certainly helped her maintain this.

I asked her to write some of her thoughts for my blog to hopefully inspire others too.

Just check out her incredible transformation pics!!!


“As a kid I loved a buffet as I am sure you can tell from my photo (yes, I am also wearing dungarees). I had no care in the world of what I ate or how much I ate, I actually would eat quicker so I would get some more delicious macaroni and cheese.

Skip forward to now, every morning I stand on the scales to figure out how I should feel about myself that day. How times have changed from the days of the triple servings. I am so proud of Pum for highlighting the daily struggles young women have with this. I thought I would share a week in the life of Keeks which will highlight the ups and downs of my diet and exercise. Please note, this is looking better than normal as I am doing Dry July – do you know there are 5 Fridays in July! Why couldn’t I have done dry February?!

Keeks eats good:

  • Breakfasts – parfait consisting of mixed frozen berries, yoghurt and some oats (I love this as it is very like a dessert)
  • Snacks – Always a piece of fruit or two. I work as a PM, lots of sitting down, no need for high carb snacks!  

Keeks eats not so good:

  • I am a bit of a coffee addict, at least 3 long blacks (I live in NZ) a day MINIMUM.
  • Found the most amazing brunch place in the world! This cafe is in Takapuna, a cool area in Auckland. It is called Little and Fridays as it was originally only open on a Friday !! http://www.littleandfriday.com/ So James and I shared the most amazing sausage roll which tasted like meatballs and a pumpkin & feta tart – YUM. Don’t even regret it a little bit.
  • James works at Ponsonby Bistro in Auckland http://www.ponsonbyroadbistro.co.nz/ – He was working on Saturday and brought home some valrhona chocolate cake – each mouthful tastes like melted chocolate. I don’t regret eating a slice of this. I regret eating the 2nd and 3rd slice though. 

Exercise at Body Tech Gym in Mount Eden, Auckland

  • HITT workout, my new favourite 30 minute ass kicking workout which involves 8 machines which work you until you want to throw up. It feels good afterwards though. I do this on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.
  • Supervised circuits are a very cool part of my gym. You know the weights machines that the guys normally take over so girls just avoid? At my gym the weights machines are made into a circuit which are supervised by personal trainers. They help you to increase your weights quicker, get that extra rep and improve your technique.
  • I also go to Pilates, yoga, spin and swim – all great to mix up your workout. 

I am not going to say my inner fat child in dungarees has gone for good but without a doubt she is kept as bay by the feeling I get when I can fit into the new pair of jeans or lift the highest weight in class. I do let her come out on special occasions and for my grans baking for sure!

Being able to look up to someone who inspires you and ask for advice helps me so much.  If you’re on your own weight loss struggle journey why not try picking your own pumspiration in the form of a friend, a co-worker, even a celebrity to help give you motivation!

Pum and Keeks x

Keeks and Pum


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