Pum’s take on…Alcohol

I thought I would do this post on alcohol because it really has been one of the key factors in my weight loss this year.  I know this post won’t relate to everyone so bear with me if drinking really isn’t your thing…

Alcohol has always been a big part of my life since legal drinking age (and a few years before, let’s be honest).  Going for drinks is such a social activity and a great way for me to keep up with different groups of friends.  Some of the best times of my life have been when I’m drinking with friends.  I enjoy the taste and how I feel.  I’m actually finding it really difficult to think of an alcoholic drink I don’t like!  I love cocktails, wine, beer, spirits…I don’t discriminate, my love is equal for all.

It was embarrassingly easy to find pictures to accompany this post as there are so many where I have a drink in my hand!

Dubai ICAS Graduation

I’m good at drinking too.  Last year I won at ‘pub golf’ by downing drinks all in one go…beating all the males in the group I might add.  I can easily polish off a bottle of wine myself, possibly 2?  Or more?!

Pub Golf

This talent runs in the family…

Mum The Gannet

(Sorry mum)

Anyway, side from the well documented health concerns surrounding excessive drinking (which I’m not going to focus on) alcohol really does not help with weight loss.  There are so many more calories in alcoholic beverages than I realised before, and I inevitably end up eating so much more on the night and the day after a big drinking session than I ever would any other time.

However despite my weight loss goals I’m definitely not ready or willing to give up alcohol completely.  I’m just choosing to be a bit more savvy.

This year I’ve been using an app on my phone called drinkaware (based on government health advice and guidelines) and I’ve actually been finding it so useful.  I’m not using it obsessively but when you enter what you’ve drank (and you enter in easy measurements like wine glass, champagne glass, pint glass not units which I actually have no concept of whatsoever!) it tells you how many calories you have consumed as well as how many minutes running that will take to burn off and how many burgers that is equal to!  I find that really hits home when I think damn I could have had 3 whole burgers one after the other for the same amount of calories!!

Using the app has made me cut down drinking on occasions where it’s just not necessary (a Tuesday night at home myself…) and has helped me make better choices when I do decide to drink.  My drink of choice for a social drink will now be a white wine and soda water.  This way I’m drinking much less alcohol per volume of liquid and I’m keeping much more hydrated.

I still plan to enjoy the nights I have planned with friends that involve drinking and I do definitely foresee some hangovers in the future but I’m reserving these for special people and special occasions.

Something I read which could be applied to a lot of different things made sense to me in relation to alcohol.  A woman was quoted saying that she will happily have whatever she wants but if it’s unhealthy it has to be worth it.  The example she used was that she would never ever drink wine on a plane…it will be cheap wine in a plastic glass and you’ll probably just go to sleep after.  But instead she’ll happily share a bottle of her favourite red wine with friends and not fee guilty about it because she enjoyed it so much.  Each person can define what they deem to be worth it.

I for instance, deem wine poured into a plastic beer cup at a concert worth it

Taylor Swift ConcertBECAUSE IT WAS TAYLOR FRICKIN SWIFT!!! (obsessed)

So my advice if you’re trying to lose weight and be healthier would be…

  1. Give a drinking app a go…it might surprise you and help you to lead better choices
  2. Pause and think is it really worth it to you…if it is go for it and enjoy!  But for me thinking, do I really want that glass of wine tonight or will I be good and leave it for the weekend, normally helps me make a better decision and enjoy the special occasions that involve alcohol more (because they are special).

Pum x

Please note I am in no way advocating excessive drinking or binge drinking, this is just my tips from a normal 20-something single girl that likes a drink!


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