Pum recommends…Nut Butter

“Hi I’m Pum and I’m an alcoholic nutbutteraholic””

“Hi Pum”

Jokes…but seriously I love the stuff.  I have it almost every day.  I really love the taste as well as the texture and do notice the energy it gives me.

This is me tonight having just returned from shopping (and the gym excuse the hair) where I got a massive tub of peanut butter half price at £3, that’s insanely good!!

Peanut Butter

Yes I’m really excited…

Peanut Butter

I buy meridian because they just have 100% nuts without anything else.  I was surprised to learn that the previous nut butters I was buying had other ingredients such as sugar and oil which to me is just unnecessary!

The ways I normally eat nut butter every week are:

  • in smoothies
  • in porridge
  • on whole-wheat toast
  • on rice or buckwheat cakes
  • spread on an apple
  • dunking celery into it
  • mixed with greek yoghurt or quark (recent discovery)
  • on a spoon…
Buckwheat Cake with Almond Butter

buckwheat cake with almond butter and seeds with frozen blueberries

Porridge with Peanut Butter

porridge with peanut butter with seeds and agave

Green Smoothie with Cashew Butter

green smoothie with cashew butter

I love the flavour of peanut butter so much so that when I allow myself a treat it does normally involves peanut butter flavoured sweet things!



Peanut Hottie

But I know I should limit these and just stick to the natural 100% nut butters!

Remember, a little goes a long way.  Too much can sabotage a diet because even though they have healthy fats, protein and vitamins, they also have a lot of calories if eaten in abundance.  So start with a scrape on toast or a teaspoon in porridge or yoghurt and only increase if you really feel you have to.

Pum x


3 thoughts on “Pum recommends…Nut Butter

  1. Isabelita's Larder

    I love this stuff too! At the start of the year, we had a massive tub and Anton actually had to take it away from me because I was just digging into it with a spoon each night! Thankfully I have learned some self control since then!


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