What Pum ate…Week 13

i.e. the week that Easter stole my diet…

I thought I would share week 13 with you because this is an example of how the odds are sometimes completely against you when you’re trying to lose weight.

This was ‘quarter-end’ week at work which is pretty busy and you’re expected to stay later.  However to compensate for this they have Domino’s Pizza Tuesday…great!

Also because this was a special ‘quarter-end’ where Good Friday was day 5 (and we had to work, forfeiting the public holiday) they had Subway Sandwich Friday…come on!

Then my manager gave me 2 easter eggs (a Cadbury flake egg and a lindt bunny). So nice of her to do, but I’m on a diet jeez.


Then I open the box which promised 4 flake chocolate bars to find…


five!  Who is doing this to me?!

To top that all off this was Easter weekend and my mum was having the family round for Sunday lunch and my gran was doing the baking…ridiculous! 

So here’s what my week ended up looking like…urgh it started out so well!

Week Day Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack Feeling
13 85 1 banana almonds and hazelnuts chicken chickpea couscous salad 1 apple, 1 square dark chocolate salmon courgettes 1 slice whole-wheat toast peanut butter bloated
13 86 porridge with coconut milk, honey, mixed seeds almonds rye bread with leerdammer light cheese, tomato 1 apple 2 slices dominos pizza, 2 chicken bits, garlic and herb dip (at work) bloated
13 87 2 scrambled eggs, 2 tomatoes hazelnuts rye bread with almond butter 1 banana steak and mushrooms bloated
13 88 porridge semi skimmed milk peanut butter and chia seeds 1 banana mushroom soup 1 apple salmon , mexican quiona small chocolate bar good digestion
13 89 2 scrambled eggs 2 tomatoes 1 small flake 3 3inch subway meat and cheese sandwiches banana peanut butter smoothie, toast and leerdammer out with friends, a lot of alcohol! good digestion
13 90 porridge with semi skimmed milk and easter egg chocolate leftover peanut butter and banana smoothie tuna tomato pasta mexican quinoa, scrambled eggs brown pitta 3 mini flakes and half a cadbury easter egg!! good digestion
13 91 porridge coconut milk, chocolate, mixed seeds carrot cake cupcake 1 banana turkey potatoes yorkshire pudding spinach sweet potato coconut cream pie, currant cake, crisps full but happy

So all in all weight loss in week 13…0lbs, nothing, nada, not a sausage.  However I’m treating this week as a win because I mega splurged and really enjoyed myself without gaining back several lbs.

During this week I also made an effort to make sure I was doing some form of exercise and I did squeeze in a couple of jogs and a fitness class (kettlebells) so I suppose that helped a bit too.

Easter breakfast...it's porridge so it's healthy, right?

Easter breakfast…it’s porridge so it’s healthy, right?

Easter Sunday lunch

Easter Sunday lunch

Selection of baking from my mum and gran

Selection of baking from my mum and gran

Gran's coconut Tennessee cream pie

Gran’s coconut Tennessee cream pie (picture really did not do it justice)

Mum's strawberry iced carrot cake cupcakes

Mum’s strawberry iced carrot cake cupcakes


Easter morning run

Easter morning run

Pum x


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