Pum reminiscing…Nippon Kitchen

This is just a mini-post as I’ve just returned from a fabby dinner!  I was meeting my friend Emma from my old job after work and we were going to grab a bite to eat.  Sometimes I want to go all out when I’m having a meal in a restaurant- I’m talking starters, sides, desserts the lot!  Why not it doesn’t happen every night right?  But this week I just didn’t want to have a midweek splurge (sometimes that really throws me off a good week) so suggested a Japanese restaurant in Glasgow city centre called Nippon Kitchen.  Before going I had a quick browse of the menu…Emma and I would be having an overdue catch up so I didn’t want to be caught off guard and order a deep fried sticky saucey noodley dish because I simply didn’t get a chance to have a proper read of the menu!  So I was well prepared with my menu choices.

Anyway here’s what I had…

Miso Soup

Miso soup and green tea (tea was unlimited refills)

Japanese Seaweed Salad with wafu dressing

Japanese Seaweed Salad with wafu dressing (it was massive)

Maguro (tuna) temaki

Maguro (tuna) temaki

Sake (fresh salmon) sashimi

Sake (fresh salmon) sashimi

All delicious and I now feel full but not guilty.  Fat Fridays not Fat Wednesdays! 😉

Pum x


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