Then and now…

Ok here’s where it needs to get brutally honest.  This is the scary part.  This is the oh my goodness did my year actually start like this part.

New years eve 2014 and I actually had a brilliant night!  I went with one of my best friends Catriona to a rugby club party with her family and friends.  We danced, we laughed, we drank, we ate and we eh drank…a lot…

On new years eve Catriona on the left, me in the middle (in a deceivingly slimming looking black jumpsuit…the pose didn’t hurt either) and her sister on the right doing our best Charlie’s Angels impression in our jumpsuits!

Cut to new years day 2015 and I was very hungover on Catriona’s couch watching Disney’s Frozen (what better way to cure, well, anything in my opinion!).  By the time I got back to my flat I was hungry (despite eating half a frozen pizza that morning) and decided to order a domino’s.  A large stuffed crust domino’s pizza.  I didn’t finish it that day but by the night of the next night it was well and truly gone!  On the morning of the 3rd of January I remember feeling fat.  That’s the only way to describe it.  I felt fat.  So I hopped on the scales to see the damage.

So here goes.  14 stone 7 lbs…At 5 feet 8 inches I was 14 stone 7 lbs.  How did this happen?  Pre-Christmas I was definitely 14 stone or under (I think?).  How did I pile on yet another half stone?!  This is getting ridiculous.  I wonder what my BMI is…31.1.  Oh my goodness, for the first time in my life I am officially obese and a size 18.  **bleeping bleep!

Well what a great start to 2015 that was!  That was the trigger point.  That was the day it changed for me.  I started up my laptop, opened an excel workbook and saved it as ‘weight goals’.  From now on I’m recording my weight ever day (a little obsessive maybe but this is what has worked for me…we will revisit this) as well as everything I’ve eaten or drank that day.

And that’s how it began.

Now… I’m open to showing pictures of what I was like comparing then against now, and I will.  But I must caveat this.  I am a vain girl.  If I don’t like a picture of me, I will delete the evidence.  I will filter it (instagram valencia please).  I will crop my fat arm out.  I’m talented that way.  So I really don’t think these pictures do the full justice.  Trust me if you don’t believe me, I was fat.

November 2014, that’s me in the pink…(and yes I do have stains all over my top there is a story involving half-naked butlers covered in baby oil).

December 2014 doing a typical hunched shoulders drink in front of my body pose.

January 2015, now there we go!  There’s a caught off-guard not trying to hide my double chin picture.  This is what I looked like to other people when I wasn’t sucking it all in in front of the mirror.  Jeez!

November 2014 (me in pink)

December 2014

January 2015

So there you have it, that was then.

Jump to now and while I’m no where near done (as of today’s date I’m 12 stone exactly with a BMI of 25.7 and just squeezed into a uk size 12 jeans woohoo) I’m definitely feeling more comfortable and happier in my body.

(Yes I do realise the below photo is a hand-on-my hip, sucking my tummy in pose but I finally fit back into my prom dress yeehaa).

Eeek well I did it.  I told the truth.  Phew I feel better.  Must call it a night now having far too much fun with this blogging malarkey.

Pum x


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