Pum diets…

This is a very brief introduction to my new blog ‘pumdiets‘.  If you’ve not guessed it already, I’m Pum and I’m on a diet.  Real name is Pamela but when I struggled to say my name as a youngster (and I’m talking a baby here, right) ‘Pum‘ just stuck…and here I am!

I’ve never been skinny (good), I’ve never been thin (fine) but something clicked on 3rd January 2015 when I stepped on the scales and clocked my heaviest ever weight that I was probably, actually, definitely verging on obese and extremely unhealthy.  Something had to be done about this and from that day until now (13th of July 2015 at about 9.20pm) I’ve been consciously thinking about my health.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t indulged along the way.  Oh I have!  But 35 lbs lighter I’m seeing improvements and want to continue until I reach a healthy sustainable size.

This blog is likely to be sporadic, jumping back and forth through my 6 month journey to get here and looking forward for ways to continually improve.

I hope if anyone reads this we can help each other…

Pum x


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